“Rostov Arena” on the Southern Bank of the Don River is 70% Complete


The construction of “Rostov Arena,” which will be one of the venues for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, is 70% complete, as the Minister of Construction, Architecture and Territorial Development of the Rostov oblast Nikolay Bezuglov reports.

As of now, the concrete slab making the lower layer of the football pitch is finished. The monolithic slab is 83% complete. Drainage system will be formed later to allow storm and melt water disposal. At the end, “Rostov Arena” will get a natural grass playing surface, according to the website of the Government of Rostov oblast.

As seen on the construction site, brick laying for the dividing walls is 90% complete, while the outer walls and partitions are 85% done. 73% of stand frames have been installed. Plastering and electrical fitting work as well as installation of heating, drain and ventilation systems are in progress. Elevator and door installation has started.

The roof framing has been assembled with arc metal works. The roof is being covered with polymer coating. The planned gross roof area is 49.5 thousand m2, 4.4 thousand m2 of which are finished by now. An awning polymer membrane structure has been installed in the corner roof sections of the future stadium.

Currently, the media façade installation is in progress, 19.3 thousand m2 are left. The monolithic framing of the future ticket office is 83% complete. “Rostov Arena” stadium will also feature beautiful grounds and a nice fence. The deadline for construction works is set to December 25, 2017.