Installation of Nizhny Novgorod Stadium Roof Complete

Photo by: Stroytransgaz

Stroytransgaz, the general contractor for the stadium, has completed the installation of the roof of the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium. Specialists have installed a 54 705 m2 roofing structure over the spectator stands and the lobby area. According to the project, the football pitch will remain open. The roof is made up of white, dark blue and light blue polycarbonate panels arranged chequerwise.

“The roof has been designed taking into consideration the region’s weather, offers high strength and can withstand heavy wind and snow loads,” said Project Manager Sergei Pichushkin. “Rainwater flows into the catch trays and is redirected into the storm sewer system. The catch trays and drainpipes are equipped with a heating system to prevent ice formation and help snow melt faster.”

Meanwhile, other kinds of work are being carried out at the stadium. Structural elements are being installed on 44 round columns to mount the facade assembled from windproof membrane panels. General improvements, asphalt paving and the landscaping of the area around the stadium is well underway, finishing works are being done, the installation of engineering networks and equipment for stadium maintenance is in progress. Specialists are carrying out a wide range of maintenance services on the pitch where goal posts sized 7.32×2.44 m have already been installed. The stadium has over 38,000 seats installed at its stands.