First Russian Tourist Information Center for 2018 World Cup Opens in St. Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG. AUGUST, 15. INTERFAX NORTHWEST - The new tourist information center dedicated to organizing and staging the 2018 World Cup in Russia, started to operate in St. Petersburg on Monday.

INTERFAX / Andrey Tschetinin

As Head of St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development Andrei Mushkarev reported at a press conference on Monday, the new tourist information center was opened on Millionnaya Street, which should  be very convenient for a large number of tourists.

“Petersburg is putting every effort to promote the World Cup in the country. We are very pleased to be pioneers of such a service. This is the first center in the country aimed at promoting the World Cup.  The major task of the center is updating visitors on progress in the preparation for the World Cup, providing information about accommodation and transportation options. This information will cover not only St. Petersburg; however, we want St. Petersburg to turn into a kind of “gateway” to the championship for tourists, ” said Andrei Mushkarev.

According to President of the Russia Unites Fan Club Eduard Latypov, the new office will provide information support for football fans as well. Here, fans will be able to find out about special events arranged for them during  the 2018 World Cup.

Head of St. Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau, Yevgeny Pankevich pointed out that the new office on Millionnaya Street will also carry out the accreditation of guide interpreters and tour guides. He added that St. Petersburg is planning to launch another seven tourist information points located in train stations and in the port next year. For now, there are 12 of such points in St. Petersburg (including the new office with the focus on the 2018 World Cup).

The new office of St. Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau will run from Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 on Millionnaya Street, 25.

In June 2016, the information points and offices  of St. Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau handled 30 thousand visitors. Thus, on average, over a thousand of tourists a day get support from the staff of City Tourist Information Bureau of St. Petersburg. The most  popular information points last month were those located on Dvortsovaya (Palace) Square and near St. Isaac’s Cathedral, as well as the tourist information desk in the Pulkovo airport.